How to understand my cat’s purrs?


The cat purrs continually. It produces a sound snore which is recognisable and well appreciated by its owner. Often associated with happiness, purring may also have other meanings which are difficult to understand.

This article reviews the ways by which our favourite animal’s purrs must be interpreted and understood.


The joy and protection purr

The most well-known purr in cats is the happiness purr. It purrs in an irregular way when it is very happy, particularly when it receives cuddles from its owner.

As for the female cat, it produces those snores during breastfeeding. It wants to show to the kittens that they are safe by her side.


The sound expressing a need

The cat may also express a need throughout its purrs such as water, food and cuddles. It will rub itself against its owner’s legs and will snore in a regular and vigorous way.


The pain snores

Purring is not always a sign of well being among cats. It can also express a pain or fatigue. The cat will purr loudly and will stick to its owner to receive attention and comfort from him.


The submission purrs

Throughout those purrs, the cat wishes to put an end to an uncomfortable situation. Hence, it will produce submission purrs in a uniform and melodic way. The cat generally purrs like this when its owner looks at it in the eyes.