How does my cat see the world?


A cat has a very different perspective of the world than humans. In fact, it doesn’t see the world like we do. In this article, you will discover the differences between a cat’s and a human’s eyesight.


1. The colours

A cat has a very peculiar colour perception. In fact, at the bottom of its eye, this animal possesses very little cones. This is why a cat can only see yellow and blue. It is almost impossible for it to recognize red and green. Thus, the cat has a dichromatic vision.


2. A highly developed night vision

The cat is an animal which sees very well at night. In fact, its night vision is 6 to 8 times better than for humans. This is explained by the multitude of sticks which are found inside its eyes. Furthermore, it must be noted that, in the dark, the cat sees only black and white. Cats’ eyes do not distinguish colours very well when the light is low.


3. Vision field

Our favourite animal has a larger field of vision than man. In fact, it equals 200˚, while for humans it equals 180˚. However, the cat must position itself a few centimetres away from an object or a human to see it clearly.