How do I prepare my cat for the arrival of my baby?


Are you expecting a baby and ask yourself how your cat will react to the arrival of your child? Nothing more natural. In fact, it is important to prepare your feline for the arrival of this new member in the family. Once your cat becomes used to your baby, everything will be better! 


Before the arrival of your baby

When you arrange your home, and especially the room of your baby, use pheromones to sooth your cat (Feliway). Another solution: let your cat wander through your child’s room before his/her arrival so that it can mark its territory and leave its smells. You can also try to make your pet listen for the screams and crying of an infant to familiarise your cat with these new noises.

We recommend that you bring your cat to the veterinarian for a complete check-up. It is important to deworm your cat before and after the birth of your child.

The arrival of your baby at home

A little like during a move, it is important to preserve your cat’s environment as much as possible or it could seriously disrupt it. Leave it spaces which are reserved for it, such as heights, where it will be able to rest and quietly observe what happens.

While you are in the maternity ward, ask someone to bring back something saturated with the smell of your baby to your home so that your cat could get used to this new smell. As soon as you arrive home with your baby, allow your cat to come near to your baby so that it can feel him/her.

If the arrival of your child disturbs your cat, speak with your veterinarian. It is important to restore a sense of security and to recreate new boundaries for your cat.

Finally, never leave your baby with your cat without supervision: risk of suffocation, bites, scratches, etc.