Essential oils and my cat


Essential oils are considered as neurotoxic for cats. With a well-developed sense of smell, a simple essential oil’s odour could attack your animal. This article will inform you about the dangers which most essential oils represent but also those which are good for its health.



1. A danger for cats


Representing a real threat for cats, it is formally advised not to apply essential oils directly on the animal’s skin. In fact, with a very fine skin, the oil will directly penetrate in the latter’s body. It is also dangerous to pour essential oils in your cat’s bowl.


2. Oils beneficial for your cat’s health


Several essential oils represent threats for your animal. However, it is possible to use 100% virgin oils, without attacking your cat.


Some of them even carry therapeutic benefits for the animal such as those Calendula-based for your cat’s comfort. When it comes to nerves, it is advised to use lavender-based essential oil. As for yarrow-based essential oils, you may use them to energise your cat. Lastly, jasmine-based essential oils are recommended to fight cat’s depression.