Cat Scratcher : which one should you choose for your cat ?

Any cat owner knows : cats love to scratch walls, carpets, sofas, and possibly any surface they like in one’s house or apartment. You want to avoid more damage to your furnitures ? It’s time to buy a real cat scratcher that will concentrate the attention of your kitty !


1. Finding your cat’s habits : what does he scratch ?

Before you choose a cat scratcher, you have to watch where your cat scratch and what’s his favourite material to sharpen its claws. The first thing to know is whether he or she is using a vertical surface like a wall, the back of a chair, a tree, or an horizontal surface such as a carpet, a blanket, or a sofa. Those are hints for you to get a vertical post or more of a scratching pad, depending on your cat’s habits. The place is also important : scratching is how cats share their scent, which marks their territory. If you want your cat to use a scratcher, put it as close as possible to the previous place he scratched, and hide the latter so that he has no choice but to use the scratcher !


2. Scratch post : the size and material

When you buy a cats scratcher, you got to make sure it’s long enough for your cat to be fully extended on it, so that he can exercice his muscles. Scratchers sold in supermarkets are often pretty short so make sure you get a scratcher 1/3 longer than the lenghth of your cat, available at pet and gardening stores. Prefer Sisal fabric, sisal rope or even recycled cardboard over carpet posts. Don’t forget some cat furnitures, like cat houses, can have scratchers !

If you have problems redirecting your cat from one scratch place to your new cat scratcher, try using catnip spray on it to allure it. Always try to reward your cat for scratching on the good place, and never punish it for scratchin the wrong one (use that time to redirect him to the good one). Let’s finish with good news : you can keep a scratcher for years !