Best cat names


Our cats are like our children: we love them since their birth, we celebrate their birthdays and we think well before choosing a name for them. Finding the perfect name for a kitten is not always easy. Have you just adopted a kitten? We give you the ten most popular cat names!

1. Luna


Luna is a messy and unpredictable cat. If you name your cat like this, it may surprise you more than you could ever imagine by its changing mood!


2. Simba


Simbaaa! Who never dreamed (as a kid) to name its cat Simba and that it would look like a small lion? Your cat will become the king of the jungle (or of the neighbourhood) just like the Lion King!


3. George


Cats named George generally have nice round faces and are well-mannered. George is a perfect name for a distinguished British cat.


4. Kitty


The Hello Kitty generation loves this name!


5. Mia


The name Mia is widely used for cats: mainly for their playful side. Mias are fussy and can sometimes be unpleasant.


6. Nala


Every Simba needs a Nala! Cats named Nala are fierce, courageous and do not back away in front of danger.


7. Tigger


The character is still popular! Always happy and a bit crazy, he lives unique adventures with Winnie the Pooh. Many tabby cats are named like him. I don’t think that this is a coincidence!


8. Garfield


The famous series in which the cat loves to eat, annoy its owner and laze around. Nevertheless, many people named their cat Garfield!


9. Caramel


Being caramel coloured, many ginger cats have been named Caramel. Love it or hate it.


10. Maya


“Maya, Maya the bee, Winnie, Winnie the Pooh!” Do you think that the name comes from the cartoon? We opt for the Maya civilisation!


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