At what age should you adopt a cat?


Are you thinking about adopting an adult cat or a kitten? This article should provide answers to some of your questions before welcoming the little fur ball in your home. This is an important event which should be well thought of and prepared. To welcome it properly, here are some answers about the age at which you could adopt a kitten or a cat, according to your way of life and your expectations.


1. Adopting a kitten

When you are adopting a kitten, you must consider its ideal age and when it has been weaned i.e. around three months. This is the minimum age. Why three months? It is the necessary time for the cat to be educated by its mother. This is also the time during which it socialises with its brothers and sisters. At three months old, the cat is then autonomous, balanced and clean. The transition in your house will then be easier.

What are the risks of adopting a cat before its three months? If you adopt a cat before its three months, the weaning may not have been completed and you will certainly have to play the mother’s role whether it is on an emotional or educational level.

Finally, you must know that if you adopt a cat, there may be some damages during its crazy moments and you will have to be lenient. Adopting a kitten means that you will have to be ready to spend a maximum of your time playing with it and taking care of it. When you are absent, do not forget to leave it some toys to play with when it’s alone.

2. Adopting an adult cat

Even if most people would rather adopt kittens, adopting an adult cat has its advantages. If everything goes well, the adult cat is already socialised and clean, so you would not have bad surprises. An adult cat also misbehaves less than a kitten.

Just like for the kitten, you will have to be present for your cat during the first days for it to get used to its new environment. However, the adult animal requires less attention than a kitten.

You must also note that the animal’s personality is already established: you will be able to choose your cat knowingly. An adopted adult animal gets easily attached to its new owners who gives it attention.


3. Where to adopt a cat?

If you want to adopt an adult cat, think about reliable associations as the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) or the Second Chance. For kittens, it is generally easier to see with your surroundings: spring being the season with more births. You can also find cats in SPCA shelters: think about it!

If you adopt a cat in a shelter, you will have to pay an average of €150.The price includes the cat’s identity, the first vaccines, the screenings and the neutering. This is a lesser price than what you could later spend at a veterinary.

Finally, do not forget the necessary accessories to welcome your cat!