5 rules for adopting a cat


You’ve made your mind, you can’t resist anymore: you want to adopt a cat! Those adorable pets seem to be all about fun and cuddles, and they’re great companions at home. But like with any pet, owning a cat is also a responsability, and you can’t take the decision lightly. Having an animal in your house means a lot of things, some great, some less exciting. Here are 5 rules to follow before and after adopting a cat.


1. See if your lifestyle and environment fits

Even if you don’t have to walk your cat outside or make it exercise (like you do with a dog), you still have to make sure your lifestyle fits with owning a pet. You have to feed it everyday, find a home for the cat if you go on holidays, pay for vaccines and check-ups, change the litter for example. Having a cat is not like buying a new pair of shoes, it’s a responsability!


2. Feed and give your cat water

It may sound simple, but you have to be there for your cat daily, or at least one time every 2 days if you give it a little more food and water. Never give milk to an adult cat (bad for their stomach), try to vary meals with wet cat food and dry grains, vegetables, fish and chicken. Cats are like humans, they need to eat well!


3. Bring your cat to the veterinary whenever needed

Adopting a cat means taking care of his medical needs : vaccines, sterilisation, potential prescriptions for diseases. Pet medical caring can be expensive, so you have to be financially responsible and have a budget for your cat! Don’t worry, if you take good care of it and if the cat is healthy, veterinary trips will only be every 3 years for vaccines.


4. Keep your cat in the house

Unlike dogs, cats should not go outside, unless it’s a special occasion, because they get lost very easily. Also, cats are more susceptible to accidents on the road, falling from an apartment window, or gettin injured from other cats they can meet outside. So keep the cat in the house, but make also sure you don’t have plants or fragile objects around, especially if you just adopted it : he will shred those in pieces!


5. Be loving and caring

You have to love cats to adopt one. Stroke it, let it sit on your lap if he wants to, take him/her in your arms and show some love! A cat can be really fearful, playful, or animated but his attitude will change if you show him what’s good, what’s bad, and be kind with it when it needs attention.