5 Cat breeds with very long hair!


Long hair cats have an undeniable charm: majestic, soft, and just plain cute! Are you trying to find out which cat breeds have the longest hair? Catizz has prepared a list of the top 5 cat breeds for the softest cuddling. Attention, take out your brushes!

Maine Coon


The Maine Coon is a favourite of feline fans: friendly, very intelligent, calm... it is a cat known for its sociability but it also knows how to be independent. They can measure from 100 to 120 cm long, and it is even more imposing with its semi-long hair that grows at a dizzying speed: it sheds more quickly than its congeners!



Turkish Angora (also known simply as “Angora”) is a breed with a thin silhouette but a very thick coat. As a breed accustomed to the royal court of France (Louis XV among others), it is distinguished by its intelligence but also its curiosity. This is a cat who loves and demands petting from everyone around it! It has a collar of side hair but no undercoat, and its silky texture promises you a pleasant cuddling experience.

Norwegian Forest


An ancestor among cat breeds, the Norwegian Forest is a born hunter with an imposing stature. It likes to climb everywhere, run, and generally live freely in a fairly large space. More suited to houses than apartments, it also has a very soft semi-long hair in winter, and more rugged in the summer after it sheds. Its hair loss remains moderate and even if it likes to move about, it is very sociable with its entourage, even to the point of being a little too innocent for its own good!



From its name, which is translated as “rag doll”, you infer that the Ragdoll is a large cat (30 to 38 cm) with long hair which can easily be handled. They must be brushed at least once a week to avoid having its fur cover cushions, sofas and blankets, but its very docile nature makes up for this extra effort. Being a bit naive, it must remain in an indoor environment to avoid danger: perfect for owners living in an apartment. The cherry on the cake: it is a slow moving and rather calm cat, far from frenzied behaviour of certain breeds.



The Siberian cat is a very sensitive and very affectionate species, but it can be moody if handled roughly, so be gentle! It lives very well in apartments if it has enough stimulation. With regard to its fur, it has semi-long hair which normally requires weekly brushing, but even more when it moults (typically 2 times per year). With its thick hair, knots can form, which is uncomfortable for it!